What I Believe

Whether you are miserable, your heart weighs a million pounds, you can’t get out of your own way, or your brain feels like scrambled eggs, I believe you deserve, and can have, a great life of confidence, achievement, fulfillment, and love. Find out how..


I combine timeless wisdom, the best therapy techniques, cutting-edge coaching, and natural brain wellness to help you achieve your goals for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Couple Counseling

You can have a great love. I get you there by teaching emotional attunement, positive support, and mindful expression.

Artist Mentoring

Having worked with great artists gives me a unique vantage point to help you reach your dreams of accomplishment and success.

Brain Health Coaching

Emotional well-being starts with having a healthy brain. Learn the best ways to nourish the most important organ in the body.


I have no doubt in my mind that I am a better man because of the work we did together. The lessons I learned created positive change in my family, work, and personal life. The growth I experienced with Glenn as my mentor and coach can be seen in the big picture and details of my life, and I am truly grateful for the path I am on.


Thanks to our work together I no longer feel lost, ashamed or wrongly self-accusatory. His clinical skills, unwavering commitment & kind patience guided me to safely face a painful traumatized past, discard unhealthy defenses, and realize the strengths within me.


In a word, Dr. Berger is a diamond. Possessing a storied life experience as well as a studious dedication and passion for further honing his skills, Glenn is a results-driven and highly effective therapist, coach, and mentor.


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Getting Started

Through a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process we establish what you need and create a roadmap for our work together.

How I help

I offer an authentic relationship where I see the best in you, enter your world, listen with undivided attention, and provide honest feedback, great information, and wise guidance.

Who I am

I am a Gestalt therapist, a Harville Hendrix trained couples counselor, an Amen Brain Health Coach, and recording engineer who worked with Dylan, Jagger, and Sinatra.

Donald Trump Has an Antisocial Personality Disorder

Part of what my LCSW license permits me to do is make psychological diagnoses. However, the American Psychiatric Association says that it would be unethical for me to diagnose a public figure like Donald Trump without a personal interview. But during this election...

Why Men Get Bored of Sex

In my psychotherapy practice, guys of all ages complain that sooner or later they lose their mojo for their sex partner. They start off being able to do it three times a night, but before long they can barely find a good reason to get it on. They don’t really...

Why Can’t My Wife and My Mother Get Along?

In the film “Bye Bye Birdie,” the character Albert, played by Dick Van Dyke, tells his mother that he has “plans” to marry his secretary, Rosie. When his mother hears this, she puts her head in the oven and tells her son to bury her in the front yard so Rosie can walk...

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