In order to have a great life, our bodies need to be at their best. The body is an extraordinary gift and a most miraculous machine. The more I have come to understand how the brain and body works, the more awe-inspiring it is and the clearer it becomes that taking care of this temple of the soul is essential for our wellbeing.

As an Amen Certified Brain Coach, I can help you come up with, and follow, a plan to have the best brain and body in order to have the energy to achieve everything you want, to have a clear and focused mind, and to have a good, consistent mood.

The first part of Brain Health Coaching involves a Comprehensive Brain Health Evaluation to determine how the functioning of your brain contributes to your strengths and difficulties. There can be many causes to anxiety, depression, focus issues and other challenges. Understanding your bio-individuality can help you to get the treatment that will be most helpful to you.

This evaluation can include interviews as well as fill-in surveys.

We are now beginning to understand that the way your brain works can be impacted by your DNA. There are common genetic mutations which can contribute to emotional problems (as well as physical ones). With the technological tools available today it is possible to understand a great deal about our genes and our bio-individuality, which is our singular balance of how our body processes and regulates nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and hormones. (You can read about one of these common genetic mutations here. (hyperlink to article about MTHFR))

Our evaluation may include coming to understand your genetic blueprint in order to provide specific treatment remedies that are targeted to your individual genetic profile.

Through Brain Health Coaching I can help to educate you to become an informed consumer so you can make the smartest choices about treatment options. When appropriate, and if you choose, I can offer referrals to a qualified psychiatrist to prescribe medications. However, whenever possible, and if you prefer, I offer a natural approach to help solve or manage your difficulties.

Whether you choose to take medications or not, these natural methods are a necessary part of any self-cultivation plan. As we are all unique, each of us requires a Bio-Individualized Healthy Brain Plan. However, there are some general principles that are good for everyone.

Cultivating our body begins with what we put in it. The food we eat is the fuel and raw material that we need for the body to maintain, grow, and run at its best. The better and more properly balanced the food we eat, the more likely it is that our body and brains will be healthy and strong for a lifetime.

It is important that we drink lots of good, clean water. It is vital that we breathe clean fresh air and get all the oxygen we need. We need to get sufficient rest.

We need to exercise on a regular basis. Doing bodywork like meditation, yoga, massage, etc. to help manage the stresses of contemporary life, and work through our muscular blocks that are the physical corollary to our constricted emotional lives, can really help.

Since no one gets all the essential nutrients that we need from the food we eat, and given that each one of us has a unique genetic blueprint, getting the proper supplement support of vitamins and minerals can contribute to optimizing the functioning of our brain and body.

Understanding how our hormones work and making sure that your body is producing and using your hormones in the best way possible is also important for your emotional wellbeing. As part of my coaching program I encourage you to get all the necessary medical testing you need to ensure that your hormone and nutrient levels are optimal.

Brain Health Coaching involves coming up with, and continuously improving, a Healthy Brain Plan individually designed for you. Equally important, I also provide you with all the support you will need so that you will not only get started but also follow through on your plan.

Before too long you will develop new, healthier, habits so that you can sustain your brain and body health and have the great life that you deserve.

I have no doubt in my mind that I am a better man because of the work we did together. The lessons I learned created positive change in my family, work, and personal life. The growth I experienced with Glenn as my mentor and coach can be seen in the big picture and details of my life, and I am truly grateful for the path I am on.


I began my therapy with Dr. Berger about a decade ago, and in my time with him I’ve overcome enormous obstacles in my life. He’s guided me through family sickness, and my lowest of lows. We worked on my learning disabilities, and forming healthy habits to work through them. I began succeeding in school, then in my professional career.


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