In choosing a therapist, counselor, mentor, or coach, it makes sense that your first question would be whether this person can help you. Here’s the kind of help I offer.

As a result of my continuous work on myself, I do my work with open-hearted love and devotion. I start by doing everything I can to make you feel safe and seen. I treat you like the unique individual you are, and combine timeless wisdom, the best therapy techniques, cutting edge science, and modern technology to give you exactly what you need to help you achieve your biggest dreams. But most of all, what I offer is an authentic human relationship where I see the best in you, I enter your world and see it through your eyes, listen with undivided attention, and provide you with honest feedback, great information, and guidance that comes from a lifetime of experience and practice.

I have no doubt in my mind that I am a better man because of the work we did together. The lessons I learned created positive change in my family, work, and personal life. The growth I experienced with Glenn as my mentor and coach can be seen in the big picture and details of my life, and I am truly grateful for the path I am on.


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